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Carmen, Paquita, Bolero is the new triple bill by the Dutch National Ballet, which was premiered on the 18th of November at The Amsterdam Music Theatre.

The three separate ballets were chosen thanks to the Spanish element that runs through all of the works.

Paquita, which opens the evening, has been kept with its original choreography by Marius Petipa and gives a fantastic opportunity to all of the cast to show their virtuoso technical skills.



Krzysztof Pastor’s brand new Bolero on Ravel’s famous ballet music has not yet managed to convince most of the critics, who labeled it as a “flat and rather dull dance”. It did meet the taste of the audience present at the Amsterdam Music Theatre, who applauded the work with an enthusiastic reception.



Last but not least, a revival of Carmen by Ted Brandsen, with Igone de Jongh in the title role, which has been a recurrent audience favourite in the Dutch National Ballet’s repertoire.


As usual, thanks to the amazing work of the Dutch Natial Ballet, a lot of videos of both the rehearsals and the stage performance are already available on their web site.


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